Employers sometimes use multiple recruiters, so it is essential that you maintain control of your job search.

  • Choose the right recruiter.  Recruiters are highly selective about whom they work with, as should you be. Certifications, references, and testimonials are essential, as is comfort and chemistry.
  • Be honest about your goals, expectations, level of interest, feedback, etc.
  • Be assertive.  The best recruiters work tirelessly to understand your professional history and career aspirations so they can offer personalized and effective advice throughout the search process. Do not settle for less.
  • Request records.  Request that your recruiter send you an email of where your resume has been sent and to whom.
  • Keep a log.  Take the time to consult your log before permitting a resume submission to avoid duplicate submission.
  • Be communicative.  Return emails and phone calls in a timely fashion. Just as it is the recruiter’s responsibility to be prompt with feedback, it is also your responsibility to provide prompt feedback.