I just read a great Forbes article addressing one of the most common questions I hear from my Neonatal Nurse Practitioner candidates: What do I say when asked about salary?

Not only is this an important question, but according to the article: “Philadelphia just made salary inquiries a no-no. New York state agencies can’t ask an applicant for current or prior salary before making an offer. New York City and Massachusetts have also passed laws barring employers from asking job candidates about their salary history. The laws are scheduled to take effect in New York later this year and in Massachusetts in July 2018.  Other states, such as California, are considering banning employers from asking applicants about their salary history, too.”

This development is a game changer and will help take some pressure off NNP and Neonatal PA candidates who interview in these cities.  But, for those of you interviewing elsewhere, What To Say About Salary At A Job Interview offers some great advice regarding the best ways to address that very question.

Interviewing can be both stressful and overwhelming.  Proper interview preparation and researching topics like salary will allow you to better field any question that comes your way, as well as help to build your confidence.

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