Job hunting is time-consuming. Fortunately, help is available. When you utilize a recruiter, who specializes in your field, your job search can be greatly simplified.

There are many benefits to working with a recruiter, one of which is having a career counselor at your disposal. Recruiters like myself do our best to ensure a seamless transition back into the field, as well as into a job. Recruiters can also present you with hospitals or neonatology groups that have openings that match your needs and interests. Many times we are aware of positions that are not publicly advertised.

Recruiters also:

  • Provide you with information about the hospitals and cities that interest you.
  • Assist you in resume and interview preparation.
  • Send your resume directly to the appropriate hiring authority.
  • Provide you with timely feedback.
  • Assist in the coordination of interviews.
  • Assist in negotiations.
  • Provide emotional and professional support.

Recruiters wear two hats given that we are hired and paid for by employers to work in their best interest by providing qualified candidates who are interested in the position. However, recruiters also work in your best interest by presenting you with job opportunities and being a support system.

  • The best recruiters work tirelessly to understand your professional history and career aspirations so they can offer personalized and practical advice throughout the search process. Do not settle for less.

Carol Schultz, recruiter and CEO of Vertical Elevation said it best: “The most successful recruiters are part salesman, career counselor, consultant, advisor, fact finder, archaeologist, and shrink. They are balanced in their advice. They present both sides of the story, ask candidates a multitude of questions geared directly toward their professional needs and wants, and work to build relationships based on trust with candidates. This is something that takes time and commitment.”

Contact Me today to learn more about the specialized services I provide. I look forward to assisting you with your job search.